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a small etching showing a young needlewomen sitting in a street, at work in front of a little shop.
Brocanteuse, rue Véron (Ba 21) (Coll. Pomona College).

Youth and education

Auguste Brouet was born 1872 in Paris. His father was the son of a feather worker, his mother a young needlewoman recently emigrated from a rural area. He was first raised by his grand-mother in les Lilas, in the outskirts of Paris, before moving back with is mother in Montmartre. His education was of the most primitive type(i), and he was soon apprenticed first to a lithographer then a lute maker.(ii).

Subsequently, when apprenticed to the lithographer Faria, his talent for drawing gradually became apparent. He was taught drawing at evening classes, then breafly attended Gustave Moreau's atelier. Aged 20, he intended to live from his painting. next

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