Auguste Brouet - Courtyard in Clichy - Ba 27
Ba 27

Courtyard in Clichy

etching (1908)
A courtyard in a working-class suburb: residents, local gossips and street vendors are busy. Through an upstairs window, a housewife observes the scene. In the foreground, two children are playing on the ground, while a third is watching us. At the end of a porch, in the enfilade, we can make out the street.
2nd state, 163 mm × 230 mm.
Printed at 50 impressions and 4 artist proofs.
Boutitie 106, BPL 2, auteur, PGF 1909, EG 23, EG C 8.
With the backgrounds, the porch and the facade on the yard.

Priv. coll.
Previous state
1st state, 163 mm × 230 mm.
Printed at 3 state proofs.
Boutitie 105, BPL 2, auteur.
Only the characters are engraved.

Priv. coll.