Ba 434

Before the Dance

etching (before 1921)
Two dancers sitting on the ground warm up before the dance.
3rd state, 200 × 170 mm.

Pulled at 100 impressions and 12 artist proofs.
Boutitie 230, IFF 16.2, EB 45, EG 62, BN, BPL 11.
With additional etched and drypoint shading. The hair of the left-hand dancer is now completely dark..
estampe de Brouet
Walkers auction
Previous states
2nd state, 200 × 170 mm.

Pulled at quelques trial proofs.
BPL 11.
With some additional shading in the background between the two dancers.
1st state, 200 × 170 mm.

Pulled at 3 impressions.
Boutitie 230 A.
Before additional work.