Auguste Brouet - The Junk Shop Lady - Ba 222
Ba 222

The Junk Shop Lady

etching (1920)
She waits patiently for the customer standing at the threshold of her shop. A child is sitting at her feet. In front of the façade, which occupies the full image width, a heterogeneous display on the pavement: a bicycle, a trunk, a stove, a sewing machine,...
2nd state, 185 mm × 120 mm.
Printed at 75 impressions, 2 state proofs and 10 artist proofs.
Boutitie 265, IFF 19.6, BPL, BN.
The modelling was added and the shadows finished with etching and drypoint.

Priv. coll.
Previous state
1st state, 185 mm × 120 mm.
Printed at 2 state proofs.
Boutitie 265, BPL.
In line, with only a few shadows sketched in etching.