Auguste Brouet - The Clockmaker - Ba 223
Ba 223

The Clockmaker

Illuminated by a reflector lamp, on the left, the clockmaker, bent over his workbench, is working. In front of him, objects to be repaired. Behind him, an apprentice is watching.
3rd state, 91 mm × 138 mm.
Printed at 60 impressions, 11 state proofs and 14 artist proofs.
Boutitie 92, IFF 4.1, BPL 13, EB 3, EG 63.
The upper parts of the back of the room are completely obscured with drypoint, making it difficult to read the details and highlighting the watches hanging in the window, the boy's face and the craftsman's workbench. In particular, the white space above the lamp has disappeared.

Priv. coll.
Previous states
2nd state, 91 mm × 138 mm.
Printed at 2 state proofs.
Boutitie 92 A, IFF 04/01/15, BPL 13, EG 63.
The shadows are reinforced: in particular the countertop is completely hatched, the heart-shaped object in the right-hand corner is no longer in white, and counterscales have been added to the left-hand jamb and the door lintel.

1st state, 91 mm × 138 mm.
Printed at 2 state proofs.
BPL 13.
To the line.